1. Quiz-Buddy 4.0

Quiz-Buddy 4.0 by Sierra Vista Software
Windows | 2.3MB | Shareware | January 20, 2005
Quiz-Buddy is an award-winning program that makes it easy to memorize words, dates, etc. Exports quizzes to Palm PDAs. Adjusts to your way of learning. Great for improving vocabulary, foreign languages, SAT, GRE. Video demo available on our website.
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2. DirDate 6.2

DirDate 6.2 by DataMystic
Windows | 3.98MB | Shareware | March 12, 2014
Modify file or folder create/modify/access dates from the command line. It can change dates using either a reference file or a series of YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MIN, SEC, MSEC commands. Handles read-only files. EXIF support for photos
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3. Better File Attributes 2.0

Better File Attributes 2.0 by
Windows,Unix | 585KB | Shareware | October 20, 2009
Better File Attributes is Windows Explorer enhancement that allows file dates to be changed at will. It can manipulate entire file hierarchies.
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4. 12Ghosts FileDate 9.70

12Ghosts FileDate 9.70 by 12Ghosts AG
Windows | 720KB | Shareware | February 4, 2010
Set the date and time created, modified, and last accessed on single files or complete folders. Mask the time you really created or accessed a document. Command line support for automated software publishing with the version in the time field
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5. Handy Dates for Sony Ericsson 2.0

Handy Dates for Sony Ericsson 2.0 by Paragon Technologie GMBH
Symbian | 149KB | Demo | December 14, 2005
Don't miss birthdays, anniversaries and business events with your Sony Ericsson P800 / P900.
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6. A Better Finder Attributes 5.17

A Better Finder Attributes 5.17 by
Mac | 2.21MB | Demo | July 6, 2012
A Better Finder Attributes allows you to change file and photo dates and times, as well as other usefull file attributes that the Finder won't let you touch.
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7. School Calendar for Workgroup 3.7

School Calendar for Workgroup 3.7 by OrgBusiness Software
Windows | 29.47MB | Shareware | July 25, 2013
This is a more powerful version of School Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network.
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8. Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.7.7

Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.7.7 by Billing Invoice Software
Windows | 988KB | Shareware | April 5, 2011
Pop-up Excel Calendar shows you a date picker when you activate a date cell in Excel, so that you can pick or select date value from the calendar by clicking mouse, instead of typing in manually, thus saving time and avoiding format mistakes.
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9. Random Generator for Excel 3.5.3 Random Generator for Excel 3.5.3 by Add-in Express Ltd.
Windows | 9.3MB | Shareware | March 22, 2012
Fill the range with unique random numbers, booleans or dates in just one click. Generate strings with different character sets, e.g. A-Z, 0-9, or any special symbols, fill selected cells with random values from Excel custom lists.
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10. ESBPCS-Dates for VCL 6.4.0

ESBPCS-Dates for VCL 6.4.0 by ESB Consultancy
Windows | 53.61MB | Shareware | April 17, 2014 | New!
ESBPCS-Dates is a subset of ESBPCS containing Components and Routines for Calendars and Date/Time Manipulation in Delphi and C++ Builder. Includes Data Aware Components and full source, as well as a good subset of the controls.
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